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Geraldine Delaney
via Google

My family LOVES OMA! The staff are amazingly patient, dedicated, and skilled. The classes are structured well with attention to life skills and themes, and their family-oriented events are fun community building!

Julia Lu
via Google

My 8-yr old attended the summer camp for the first time and he loved it! He was proud when he came home after the first day and broke his first board. It’s a good mix of physical activity and crafts, indoor and outdoor. I really appreciate the flexible drop off and pick up times to work around our busy schedules. Will definitely send him again next summer!

Asi Afuhaamango
via Google

One Martial Arts is amazing. The staff here are amazing and provide stellar support. Initially when we started classes here we were under the assumption that this would be only for summer but my son has enjoyed his classes so much that we decided to go for a full year and longer. My son started off as being shy and could be full of energy, as any other 6 year old could be, but now he has learned much self control as well as more confidence and independence. He is excited to go to classes and even is upset when he misses a class. I am grateful for the life lessons being taught here. Important life values such as respect, responsibility, and much more. I am excited to see my son grow as he continues here with OMA.

Karen Keith
via Google

My 10 YR old Son has been attending Karate at One Martial Arts at their Millbrae location now for 3 years. The Teachers and All the Staff are phenomenal!! My Son loves Karate and he Excels here, and in school and I know One Martial Arts is to be praised for their Strength in promoting Strong Values, Lessons for Life, and Giving Lots of Fun to All who Attend. Thank You One Martial Arts, Karen

Anita L.
via Yelp

My son has been enjoying his classes here at One Martial Arts. The instructors make the curriculum age appropriate and fun for the kids and parents are also very actively involved, which makes it more engaging for the child as well. There is a good balance of both physical movement as well as teaching the kids the skills to be calm and more focused. These were all reasons why I wanted to enroll my son here as he generally has very chaotic energy and needs an activity that can allow him to burn off some of that energy while still learning the life lessons of good behavior and having discipline.

Maria K.
via Yelp

This review is for the birthday party that we had on 3/10/19 for my daughter's 5th birthday at One Martial Arts SF. If to say in a few words: It was AWESOME!!!!!!
It definitely exceeded my expectations. First of all, It was very well organized. They did such a great job decorating the party room with themed balloons and the customized birthday banner. Even water bottles had a theme label on them! Second, the staff was very friendly, attentive and engaging to all kids. I was pleasantly surprised how many staff members they had present for the party. The games were really fun and entertaining, like dodge ball, zombie tag etc. and of course the favorite of them all - the breaking board part :)
Very well done!!!

Amauri C.
via Yelp

Best martial arts program for kids out there. Smart combination or fitness, fun, and good behavior training. Staff is super knowledgeable, friendly, and happily focused on the kids well being. Amazing program, with great extras for parents. Super clean and organized environment. Our 4 years old boy loves it. Extremely recommended.

Kela W.
via Yelp

My son had his 7th birthday party at One Martial Arts and we had the best experience. The staff was very prompt, organized, friendly to all our guest. They decorated the room beautifully and provided structured games and activities for all the kids. Not to mention the studio is always so clean and a positive atmosphere. I would recommend anybody to have their birthday party here!!!

Cliff D.
via Yelp

Sent my son to their summer camp for a week. It was awesome!...they have a clean place, friendly staff and my son had a great time. It is right down the street from my work so it was awesome that I could pick him up for lunch easily.

Julie W.
via Yelp

What an amazing place to celebrate your child's birthday. From booking to planning, they are extremely helpful! The set up was amazing we had customized banner & water bottles! K'waun was awesome in helping plan and get it all together...all we had to do was show up with food/goodie bag for our guests! By the way this was our 5th time here...each and every time we have had a bday here everyone is great with kids, super friendly/welcoming & really goes above/beyond to make sure your children have a great time. What's even better, you'll get exhausted kids and an exercise session for them. Their dojo is also always immaculate as well! A+ I would recommend for anyone wanting to do any themed party, we chose Godzilla, which was very hard, but the dinosaur substitute they chose was just as cool & matched our goodies! Thank you for making it such a special day for us!!

Belinda P.
via Yelp

My daughter started Excellent Kids here a few years ago and moved up to youth karate last year. She loves it! She has gained so much confidence and has learned so much respect toward others as well. The instructors are all terrific people and really put the time into helping their students learn and become the best at what they do. Highly recommend this school!

Stefanie P.
via Yelp

The entire staff is amazing! Everyone honestly cares for each child and teaches them the way they learn best. Both our boys love coming and adore all the instructors
My son had been attending for almost 1 yr.
although we have encountered some challenges with my sons ability to have constant focus in class the staff is always kind and patient. They are full of encouragement and a positive attitude. We love one martial arts and all the advice and life skills they have provided for our family.
BTW they also offer a FREE parent night once a month. Yes. You can eat dinner at a restaurant without your kids .. That alone is worth it.

Sharon B.
via Yelp

Heart rate up, getting my sweat on, my muscles worked, thinking of people I'd love to punch in the face as I get my upper cuts and hooks on the bag, it can't get better than this! All the teachers are good and I love Saturdays because that's where I feel I really get my sweat on!

Fionna R.
via Yelp

This is a world class establishment that really cares about their clients. You feel like family. I started with the virtual kickboxing classes during the start of Shelter in place and it has helped me overcome my post partum depression and has given me something to look forward to in my daily routine. The teachers, Brannon, Kim, Sophia, Annabel, etc really motivate you and encourage you to live your best life! If I can give more that 5 stars I would! I can't wait for my 9 month old son to be old enough to join classes as well one day! Thank you for all that you've done for the community especially right now that we need more positivity in the world.

C G.
via Yelp


We had our daughter's birthday party here and it was amazing! They decorate using a theme of your choice, and the party room looked like an ad for Party City. Even the water bottles were on theme! It was such a nice place to have a snack and then cake, and each kid got a helium balloon.

The best part were the activities led by the One Martial Arts instructors. A team of three instructors leads kids and parents through age appropriate activities, and even the youngest guests had fun. There were relay races and everyone was a winner. At the end, every child got to do a karate kick and break a plywood board.

All of our parent friends were gushing about how amazing the party was, yet for us as hosts it was a breeze! The One Martial Arts team took care of everything and we were truly able to enjoy our daughter's party.

Amy J.
via Yelp

While we haven't been enrolled in a class just yet, we have attended the community free events for the past few months and my daughter has LOVED it. The staff is kind and encouraging and the facility is clean.

I love how they practice what they teach and really focus on building confidence and kindness along with physical fitness.

We will certainly find a spot in our schedule to enroll my daughter in a weekly class.

Camila Oliveira
via Google

One Martial Arts teaches discipline and builds self-confidence, which is essential for developing social skills. My son loves it and can’t wait to be black belt !!

Vijay Patel
via Google

I would definitely recommend One Martial Arts to anyone who has a child. Professor Beliso not only teaches martial arts, but also teaches life skills that our children need to protect themselves and to be better people in general. The classes teach children how to build their confidence, how to use manners, treat others with respect, and how to live their best life. My son is 4 years old and has been enrolled in their classes for about two months now. I can honestly say that this is one of the best decisions we have ever made. He is learning so much while being reinforced to try his best. The skills have translated in his home life as he is focused and disciplined in the house, always wanting to help out, while treating others with respect. If you are considering enrolling your child into a martial arts, One Martial Art would be the best choice and one of the best decisions you can make. I promise you will not regret it.

Komal Bawa
via Google

We've been coming to OMA in SF for the past 5 years and what can I say - everyone here has started to feel like family! Their methods - while less "traditional" than what I thought karate would be, have come to impress me with the outcomes I see in my boys! My boys (9 and 6) are consistently improving their focus and confidence.

Christina Jee
via Google

We love OMA! They have a wonderful program with weekly themed lessons created by Prof. Beliso. Our daughter is learning about self-confidence, focus, and discipline.

Andi Trindle Mersch
via Google

Our son has built up incredible confidence, focus, and physical strength at One Martial Arts. They have become part of our village.

Kalt Swartzkopf
via Google

I can't say enough good things about OMA. From the instructors competency to the mission of OMA itself, this is a bright spot in so many lives. They truly want every student to succeed and do their best to help not only with the physical aspect, but with the important life lessons along the way that are essential to understand in order to live your best life. All of this, but at the same time they maintain high standards - so important in an age where everyone gets a trophy and so often the hard work and disappointment are overlooked or brushed aside.

Over the years, as I was observing the class and overhearing what the instructors were saying I wanted to jump up and cheer. They ask: What does it mean to be responsible? What does it mean to have discipline? How can you show your family that you appreciate what they do for you?

I have come to see OMA as a partner on my son's path to achieve everything he is able to achieve.

Christy Dant
via Google

My son gets so excited to go to summer camp every day! This camp is a great mixture of outdoor and Indoor activities. He is so proud to come home with a new patch everyday, & breaking a board on his first day! I would recommend this great camp to anyone and my son will definitely be going back next year for summer camp!

Linda Cheu
via Google

My son has been at One Martial Arts for over 8 years and just recently earned his black belt with them, and I can't say enough about how amazing OMA is! We compared different martial arts studios initially and we liked the fact that OMA focuses on the whole child, not just earning belts. During every lesson the kids learn about values such as perserverance, family, hard work, etc. and are taught to live their best life. Over time, these messages really do pay off - I can see the positive impact that OMA has had on my son in everything he does, from school to music lessons to other sports. They also offer classes at multiple times, which is great for busy families, and have summer camps, parents' nights out, birthday parties, and a whole range of services that we used at different ages. The owners and staff are incredibly community oriented, and the instructors are amazing role models, very caring, and push kids to do their best. I really liked how as they kids got older, the instructors were still supportive but expected the kids to be more responsible for practicing and being ready for class. OMA is an absolute treasure for San Francisco famlies, and I highly recommend them!

Hagit Glickman
via Google

One Martial Arts has been an important part of my(now 16 year old) son's life since he was 4 years old. He was a camper, a karate student, a junior counselor and now a counselor and after school helper. It has shaped his view of himself and his place in the world. It has made him more confident and responsible in all he does. Most importantly, it has helped him immensely with his focus-which is a huge issue for a child with ADHD. I can't say enough good things about the amazing instructors and the supportive environment. Send your children will be amazed at the impact!

Michelle Kletter
via Google

We love One Martial Arts. I’ve been doing the virtual kickboxing classes when my schedule allows and I always get a great workout! My son has been signed up for a few months now for the Karate (outdoors) and it has been so helpful for us through this pandemic in getting him outside, moving, learning a new skill and connecting with other kids and grown ups. Thank you!

Dana Jonas
via Google

I highly recommend kickboxing at OMA. I've been doing this virtual workout for a year now. It has been a fun way to stay in shape from the safety of my home during the pandemic. There are classes spread throughout the day making it easy to find a time that works. You can do the workout with or without a bag. Both ways are fun and a great workout. Lots of cardio mixed with strength training. All the instructors are great and make it fun. If you want to be part of an encouraging fitness community, sweat, and have fun, try One Martial Arts.

Meg Dvorak
via Google

My teenage son has been taking Karate lessons at OMA since summer. He has embraced martial arts like no other sport or activity he's ever been involved with. He especially loves one to one instruction with his favorite instructor, Professor Brannon Beliso. OMA has a flexible schedule with many options both indoor and outdoor for all levels. OMA also gives back to the community in countless ways through free events for kids and donations to schools and non profits.

Catherine Truong
via Google

Great place to learn and get fit! Best kickboxing instructors in the Bay Area! Even throughout the pandemic, their team continues to challenge you to always do your best virtually and in person. I feel stronger and motivated after each workout. The kids programs are also top notch. Kids learn basic life skills through martial arts such as family, discipline, and respect. Added bonus are the private birthday party rentals available. My family loves OMA!

Laurie Cerefice
via Google

My daughter has been doing karate at One Martial Arts for almost 6 years. It has been a wonderful experience for her. The staff is professional yet caring. The owners are very hands-on and always around to greet you and check-in with your child. One Martial Arts is more than a martial arts studio, they become family.

Meme Cho
via Google

My son is currently attending the Distance Learning Camp, and he enjoys attending every week. OMA's staff are professional and great at communication. The place is very clean and safe for kids to learn, play and have social interaction with one another. My son loves Karate lessons together with life skills. I would recommend this place since it provides excellent programs for kids!

Alex Sinphanich
via Google

I have had my children go to One Martial Arts for several years for a variety of events like birthday parties, parent’s night out, baseball/soccer team parties, lessons and after school camps. Each time we were impressed by how welcoming, professional and organized the facility is for a place often filled with kids and adults. My kids enjoyed themselves so much there and I really liked how the staff seemed to really connect to each child making it a memorable experience. My kids never viewed going to One Martial Arts as a burden, but instead as a reward or treat. Fair pricing and great customer service. Highly recommend them!

Hannah Yost
via Google

When I moved to the Bay Area I tried so many different martial arts/boxing studios looking for something that still held true to boxing but also was a good workout. One Martial Arts was that and so much more. All of the staff are so friendly and kind. The classes seemed to fly by since they are engaging & challenging. They also have great kids programs.

Aileen F.
via Yelp

My 6 year old daughter has been attending OMA for the past couple months. She absolutely loves it here. Each class is themed with a life lesson (ie. Teamwork, Respect) that I as a parent I can appreciate. Not only is she learning self defense, she's having a blast doing so. We've had the opportunity to cycle through the various teachers and they are all excellent.

Jeff Yasuda
via Google

My family has been going to One Martial Arts for nearly 10 years. It has been a terrific experience. As someone who has practiced martial arts from an early age, One Martial Arts is one of the top of the schools that I have attended. The instructors are technically precise and incredibly patient. I would recommend One Martial Arts in a heartbeat.

Jim Brennan
via Google

My now 9 year old has been a student for the last 4 years or so, and my wife and I are continually impressed by this school. They are extremely good at connecting with the kids, both in the context of making the classes fun, and showing them how the skills being taught apply to real life. There's a clear emphasis on "life skills" like Respect, Manners, Focus, Effort, etc. while the actual martial arts come along for the ride. There's also incredible attention to detail as well, in terms of being very quick to learn, remember and use kids' names, excellent communication with parents and students outside of the classroom. We'll occasionally get a postcard or email from them celebrating a specific child achievement, birthday or other milestone, and it shows they are really focused on delivering an excellent experience.

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