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  • San Francisco:
    $99 (4) Week/Uniform Kids Trial
    $99 (4) Week/Uniform Adult Trial
    $99 (4) Week/Gloves OFK Trial
  • Millbrae:
    $99 (4) Week/Uniform Kids Trial
    $99 (4) Week/Uniform Adult Trial
    $99 (4) Week/Gloves OFK Trial

    Did you know ... ?

    In order to for an Excellent Kid to qualify for Youth Karate, they are recommended by the instructor or the parent will request it. Both choices are based upon the making sure the child is always being challenged.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    In an effort to better serve you and effectively answer some of the questions commonly asked, we have compiled a list of answers for your convenience. We hope you will find this information useful. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, we are more than happy to address your concerns in person. Just come and see our friendly staff at the front desk or speak directly to one of our instructors.
    Are there any hidden costs or additional fees?

    We are proud to share that we have no long term contracts, enrollment fees, belt testing fees or hidden costs. Everything is included in your monthly tuition. We do offer sparring and quarterly weapons training which are optional. There is an equipment fee for that if a student chooses to participate.

    8 Keys To Success in Your Youth Karate & Adult Martial Arts Program

    1) Learn and practice your curriculum.  2) Practice 15 minutes a day with our online curriculum CLICK HERE.  3) Attend at least two classes weekly. 4) Attend the monthly stripe workshop.  5) Attend the 8am Saturday practice class.   6) Schedule regular private lessons. 7) Earn two stripes per month. (2x a week students)  Earn one stripe per month. (1x a week students) 8) Test for your next belt on time.



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